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Wood in the CAM Collection

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CAM Connects Wood in the CAM Collection


Gabrielle Barzaghi, Stump, 2012

In the Cape Ann Museum’s collections, wood makes a starring appearance in the Furniture and Decorative Arts in the presence of finely crafted sideboards, grandfather clocks, and ornate chairs. It is the medium of choice for sculptors like James T. McClellan and woodblock printers like Don Gorvett. Even in the CAM Library & Archives, every piece of paper—the books and archival documents—all came from trees!

Featured stories:

→ Lumber on Cape Ann
→ A Mysterious Wooden Head
→ CAM Video Vault – 55 Years of Woodworking and Design with Jay McLauchlan
→ Kuehne Conservation
→ The Babcock Piano


CAM Connects Wood in the CAM Collection


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