Demystifying the Lithograph with Carolyn Muskat of Muskat Studios

Saturday, October 2

2:00 p.m.

Lectures, Readings, Films

27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, MA
Space is limited; reservations required. Call (978) 283-0455 x110 or email info@capeannmuseum.org for details. 

Lithography allows an artist to make almost any kind of mark and any kind of image.  Over the past 200+ years it has been used to create works of amazing variety.  Lithography as a print medium can often seem like magic, however it is grounded in a combination of art and science.  In this talk, presented in conjunction with the Museum’s current exhibition Homeport:  Stow Wengenroth & Adin Murray, Carolyn Muskat of Muskat Studios will explain the lithographic process and why, as a medium, it speaks to so many diverse artists.

Carolyn Muskat is an artist and master printer who has worked with lithography for over 30 years.  Lithography’s versatility allows Muskat to explore many different topics and to work both representationally and abstractly.  Muskat has collaborated with many regional and national artists and throughout the years lithography has never lost its aura of magic.

Like many contemporary lithographers, Muskat has been inspired by Stow Wengenroth (1906-1978), who began experimenting with lithography during the 1930s. First introduced to this country in the 1830s, lithography reached the height of its popularity during the mid-19th century.  When Wengenroth took it up, it was no longer the main medium for the print world, however, Wengenroth was keenly aware of the artistic possibilities of lithography and with the early encouragement of fellow artist George Ennis, devoted his life to the art. 

Free for members, $10 for non-members. Space is limited, registration is required.
This event will be livestreamed on Facebook and Vimeo.

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